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Phone No:  785-309-5700

 The office of the City Manager is the office of the chief executive of city government.  City Manager Jason Gage is appointed by the City Commission for an indefinite term and serves as the City’s Chief Executive and Administrative Officer.  As provided by state statute and city ordinance, the City Manager's Office supervises and directs the administration of all city departments to ensure that the laws, ordinances and resolutions of the City are enforced.   The City Manager’s Office is responsible for recommending measures for adoption by the City Commission, which are deemed necessary for the welfare of the citizens and the efficient administration of municipal government.  Furthermore, the City Manager’s office prepares a proposed budget for the City Commission and is responsible for the appointment and removal of all city employees.  The office of the City Manager is located in Room 202, City/County Building, 300 W. Ash Street. 


Jason A. Gage
City Manager

Michael D. Schrage
Deputy City Manager

City of Salina

City/County Building
300 W. Ash Street
Salina, KS 67401

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