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255 N 10TH ST
SALINA, KS 67401


Mission:  To deliver police services equitably, effectively, and within the context of democratic values, in order to resolve community issues and problems and provide for the safety and security of our citizens. 

The Salina Police Department is a full-service, municipal police organization, consisting of 115 authorized personnel, serving in three operating divisions: Management, Administrative and Operations. 


The police department exists for the purpose of protecting and serving the people of Salina. Vital to this purpose are our values, which reflect what the department believes in as an organization. These beliefs are reflected in the department’s recruiting and selection process, policies and procedures, training and development, and ultimately, in the actions of its officers in delivering services.


Values reflect what the department considers important and determine the way officers view not only their role, but also the people they serve. Moreover, our values serve as a linkage between the ongoing operations of the department and the community's ability not only to participate in, but also understand the reason for police department strategies. 


Our operational philosophy is based on the following values, which we believe are conducive to good policing:


The Salina Police Department

  • Places its highest value on human life.
  • Must preserve and advance the principles of democracy
  • Believes that the effective delivery of police service is dependent on community involvement
  • Believes that it must be accountable to the people it serves
  • Is committed to professionalism in all aspects of its operation
  • Strives to maintain the highest standards of integrity
  • Values its members, the caring men and women who comprise the department

Brad L. Nelson, Chief of Police.



The Salina Police Department is located at 225 North Tenth Street, Salina, Kansas 67401.



The Salina Police Department and the Saline County Sheriff's Office jointly offer a Citizen's Academy.  Chief of Police Brad Nelson and Sheriff Glen Kochanowski believe a community and government partnership is important to providing services and meeting the needs of a growing city and county population. When the community and law enforcement become cooperation partners, they form a powerful alliance, capable of addressing community issues and concerns. The Citizen's Academy is part of a continuing program designed to 1) acquaint citizens with law enforcement's practices and services and 2) acquaint officers with concerns and perceptions of the community.

The mission of the Citizen's Academy is to build a better understanding between citizens and law enforcement through education and positive interaction.

If you are interested in more information, contact the Training Unit of the Salina Police Department at 826-7210, or the Saline County Sheriff's Office at 826-6500.

In addition we offer an advanced Citizen's Academy to persons who have graduated from our Citizens Academy.g cri

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Live or work in Saline County, Kansas
  • No felony convictions
  • No misdemeanor arrest within one year of application



The Salina Police Department is proud to announce our new recruiting website,  Please visit the site and share the link with your friends !






Proof of Insurance Tickets:

If you were cited by a Salina Police Officer for not having current proof of insurance, you may submit proof of insurance to the court using this link.  This is a new feature offered by the Salina Municipal Court.


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