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Continuing Education Opportunities:
There are many opportunities available for continuing education; the City of Salina staff will not be aware of all of them.  If you find a particular class (not listed below) and want to be certain it is approved for City of Salina licensed contractors or master/journeyman skilled trades, please be sure to check with the Building Official before submitting your registration and money.   The qualified individual, as declared on a Class A, B, C, D building contractor license, is required to obtain 6 hours per year (18 hours over a 3 year licensing cycle) of continuing education, half of which must be code education (IBC, IRC, IFC, NEC, UPC, UMC)  

If you are a licensed skilled tradesman (master or journeyman) the requirement is basically the same; six hours per year, (18 hours over the 3 year licensing cycle), half of which are required to be code classes in the trade that you practice and are licensed. 

To receive notifications about continuing education classes, you must sign up for the mailing list for Contractor Continuing Education. Click here to subscribe to this mailing list.  We will use this email notification system to inform you about classes that the City will present or sponsor. 

C&M Enterprises - Electrical Code Class - presented by Mike Weaver - December 5, 2015 - in Salina.  Click here for details and registration information.  This class is not being presented by the City of Salina, so if you have any questions please contact C&M Enterprises directly.  

Live Webinar Classes - presented by IAPMO - Click this link
Live webinars are approved for continuing education credit for City of Salina licensed skilled tradesmen.   Pre-recorded webinar/presentations are not approved.

Attend Building Advisory Board meetings, get credit, click here for details. 

Click here for additional sources for continuing education and other general information about contractor education  

Heart of America Chapter of the ICC - This organization occasionally presents or sponsors continuing education for contractors - Please visit their website for further information,

Complete Licensed Contractor Listing (updated monthly) Please be sure to double check with the City Clerk's office for the most current licensing status for each contractor.  If you hire a contractor for pay or compensation he/she is required to be licensed with the City of Salina in a category that represents the work he performs.  

Click here #06-10323 for the original May 2007 ordinance that adopted contractor licensing.
There have been amendments to the contractor licensing ordinance since May 2007.  To view the current sections of the code dealing with contractor licensing, click Salina Municipal Code.  Contractor licensing requirements are located in Chapter 8, Sections 171-200.  

General Contractor's Permit Responsibilities

Residential All-Roughs Policy - Oct. 2014 

Contractor Licensing Grid (explains categories & the current general requirements for building contractors)

Testing Information and Applications:
To assist you in deciding which testing agency to take, read this first:
Contractor Testing Information
(Prometric, ICC, Kansas IAPMO/NITC)

 Sponsorship Application (Prometric and ICC):  

APPLICATION FORMS for LICENSING of Building Contractors, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical Contractors & Craftsman. 
Please submit your application to the City Clerk's Office, 300 W. Ash, Room 206.  If you cannot determine the type of license for which you are qualified to make application, please contact the Building Services Division at 785-309-5715.  All license applications are subject to review by the Building Official.


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