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6/8/2020 - 8 Can't Wait Information & KWCH News Story

8 Can't Wait Information

The City of Salina has received several questions regarding policies mentioned in 8 Can't Wait, a national project by Campaign Zero

To see the policies visit the 8 Can't Wait website at

Where does the Salina Police Department stand with 8 Can't Wait?

The Salina Police Department has responded to all eight of the policies listed (see responses below).

KWCH covered 8 Can't Wait in a news story that aired on June 8, 2020 (see video below). In the story, the reporter mentions how the Salina Police Department has all eight of the policies.

Information About Each of the 8 Policies

View the PDF of all of the information listed below

1. Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting

The Salina Police Department places its highest value on human life. The use of force continuum gives officers the guidelines to move up the continuum until they reach the necessary level of force to control the situation.

Police department policy O2102.3.1, When an escalation of force is justified, officers shall employ only the level of force necessary to safely control the situation. Each incident must be assessed in order to determine which available non-lethal technique or issued equipment is the best choice (in the officer's opinion) to bring the incident under control without compromising the safety of the officer, fellow officers, or innocent citizens.

It should be noted that due to circumstances, officers are afforded the justification to move directly to lethal force without having to move step by step through the continuum if due to the facts known to the officer at the time, he perceives an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death to himself or another.

Thus, an officer is justified in using deadly force only when he or she reasonably believes such force is necessary to:

Police department policy O2102.2.1.1, Defend the officer, or a third person, from the imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.

2. Require All Use of Force Be Report

The Salina Police Department not only requires each use of force be reported, but each use of force incident is reviewed be the officer’s immediate supervisor through the chain of command, to include the chief of police (police department policy O2102.7.2). This has been in practice since 1996. Now that each officer has a body camera, the use of force video is reviewed by the officer’s immediate supervisor.

3. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds

Our current policy and practice prohibits the use of chokeholds or neck restraints. The Salina Police Department prohibited this technique 5-7 years ago.

Police department policy O2102.D8 states: The use of neck restraints, chokeholds, or other similar weaponless control techniques, however, are prohibited unless the use of deadly force is authorized.

4. Establish Use of Force Continuum

The Salina Police Department has used a use of force continuum since the early 1990’s. The Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center provides use of force continuum training during basic training. The police department reviews the use of use of force continuum annually during use of force training.

5. Require De-Escalation

Although not specifically called De-escalation training, the Kansas Law enforcement training center teaches all new recruit officers Behavior Management/Crisis Intervention and Interactions with Special Populations. The police department is in the process of training all officers in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training and all recruits returning from the academy receive De-escalation training during the police department’s post academy.

Police department policy O2102.1.3 states: De-escalation of Force: de-escalation of force is moving to a lesser force option on the use of force continuum. Officers shall de-escalate force at the earliest opportunity to do so safely. This has been included in the police department’s policy since at least 1996.

6. Duty to Intervene

Police Department policy O2102.7.1 states: Each and every member of the Department is charged with the responsibility to monitor and control the use of force during operations involving multiple officers. Supervisory and non-supervisory personnel alike will be held strictly accountable to intervene, halt and report any use of force perceived to be excessive. This has been included in the police department’s policy since at least 1996.

7. Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles

Police Department policy O2102.2.6 states: An officer is NOT JUSTIFIED in discharging a firearm under the following circumstances: To fire at or from a moving vehicle, unless the occupant(s) of the vehicle represent an imminent threat to the life of the officer or others, and then it shall be done only as a last resort. This has been included in the police department’s policy since at least 1996.

8. Require Warning Before Shooting

Police Department policy O2102.2.4 states: Where feasible, the officer should identify himself and give warning of the intent to use deadly physical force. This has been included in the police department’s policy since at least 1996.

Salina Police Department Policies