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7/1/2020 - 2020 Emergency Solutions Grant – Corona Virus (ESG-CV)


Seeking Applications for the 2020 Emergency Solutions Grant – Corona Virus (ESG-CV)

The Emergency Solutions Grant is a federal block grant authorized by subtitle B of the McKinney-Vento Homelessness Assistance Act and is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The primary focus of this grant program is homelessness prevention and facilitation of permanent, stable housing. Additionally in 2020, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic additional monies are being allocated to the State of Kansas and in turn to local communities who are working to address an increase in need due to the Corona Virus.

HUD awards grant funds to the State of Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC) and they, in turn, award funds to local recipient agencies, via the local municipality in which the agencies operate. In order to be considered for these grant funds, the City of Salina, working closely with the local agencies, prepares and submits a consolidated grant application on behalf of the sub-award recipient agencies. The City of Salina has been successful in applying for and receiving grant awards for the Emergency Solutions Grant for the past 20 years. These funds directly benefit individuals and families in our community. 

Application material are due by 5pm on July 10th. Application Material should be submitted to Applications will be reviewed and notification sent regarding application status by 5pm on July 15th.

Questions about the grant and how to apply can be directed to or (785) 309-5745.


It is understood that the turnaround time associated with this application is very quick. Due to the emergency nature related to the Corona Virus pandemic, state and federal authorities desire these ESG funds reach the community as soon as possible. The city was granted an additional 3 weeks beyond the original application due date (7/7), allowing us to make this public call for applications. The goals of this notice is to ensure that any and all eligible programs addressing homelessness prevention and facilitation of permanent, stable housing have the opportunity to apply.

Application Materials & Instruction:

<Application Link>

Local agencies interested in applying should review the entire application packet to increase awareness and understanding of the grant and application process.

  • In order to apply, local agencies who qualify must submit a completed application which includes:
    • Section IV: ESG-CV Application (pg. 12-13)
    • Section V: ESG-CV Activity Funding (pg. 14-20)
    • Section VI: Performance Outcomes (pg. 21-32)
  • In order for an application to be deemed complete, applicants must submit all applicable attachment as required and ensure all the correct signatures are included. Required attachments are identified in the sections noted above.

A completed application must be submitted by 5pm on July 10th, 2020.