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7/8/2021 - City of Salina New Automated Waste Cart Distribution and Collection of Old Carts Schedule Change
The City of Salina new automated waste service begins July 19, 2021.

On Monday July 5, 2021 the contractor hired by the City began distribution of the new automated waste carts and collection of old waste carts. While many City customers with regular waste collection on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have received their new cart(s) and their old cart(s) were picked up, there are also a number of customers who did not receive their new waste cart(s) on their normal collection day. To maintain the schedule for the rest of this week (Thursday and Friday) the contractor will be focusing on customers on their normal collection day. The contractor will still be working long days this week distributing carts and collecting old carts so please leave your old cart(s) by the curb on your normal collection day until 8:00 PM. The contractor will NOT be returning the day after a customer’s normal collection day to distribute new carts or pick up old carts.  The contractor may elect to distribute new carts on Saturday, but will not be doing cart pickups on Saturday. 

If you are a City of Salina sanitation customer and this week do not receive your new sanitation cart(s) on your normal collection day, please pull your cart(s) back to your residence on your normal collection day, continue to use your cart and set it out as normal on your regular collection day next week (July 12th thru July 16th), as the contractor plans to distribute new carts then. Please leave your cart near the curb until 8:00 PM on your normal collection day. (New carts will be distributed before your existing cart(s) will be picked up.)  

Also, as a reminder, the City is replacing all its waste carts, including alley customers’. If you have City sanitation services provided in an alley, your services will continue; however, the new rules will also apply and all waste must be contained in the waste cart(s).  Items outside the carts will no longer be picked up with regular refuse collection beginning July 19, 2021. Special pick ups will continue to be available for a fee. 

Not a City of Salina sanitation customer?  
For more information please visit or with further questions, contact the City of Salina General Services office at (785) 309-5750.