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7/22/2022 - Statement from Mayor Trent Davis and Salina City Commission

"The price of American "freedoms" is measured in tolerance, understanding, and cooperation. Our freedom of speech does not advance one opinion over another, and protects those in the minority when they wish to speak out.  It is simply a guaranteed and tolerated form of expression.

As responsible adult citizens of Salina, we are expected to have the maturity to separate the value of an idea from the value of a person as a fellow citizen.  The ability to debate issues is a feature of American democracy.  Abuse of persons or their property, such as campaign signs, is a crime, punishable by law.  The sanctity of yard signs as a simple measure of expressing one's opinion is being violated and must stop.  If you want to be active, talk to someone about your opinion and, most importantly, get to the ballot box and vote.

Yard Signs -- let them rest in peace and in place!"

On behalf of the Salina City Commission,

Mayor Trent Davis