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10/18/2022 - Annual Curbside Leaf Collection

General Services staff will be conducting curbside leaf collection from November 7 to December 30, weather permitting. As the weeks progress, staff will provide updates to help keep everyone wishing to participate in the program properly informed. To help staff collect all the leaves set out by the public this season, included below are the participant guidelines.

Participant Guidelines and Information

  • Rake and pile leaves between the curb and sidewalk. If no sidewalk exists, pile leaves directly behind the curb. Staff will not be picking up bags nor collecting leaves in the alleys.
  • Don’t rake or blow leaves into the street as this can be a hazard to traffic and is a violation of City Code. Additionally, placing leaves in the street may cause problems for our storm drainage systems.
  • Don’t park vehicles directly in front of or behind leaf piles, as this makes collection more difficult for our crew.
  • Have your leaves ready for collection on the first day of the schedule for your respective zone.
  • There will only be one round of curbside leaf collection in each zone; however, customers may call in to report locations if they feel they may have been missed by the leaf collection crew or when weather conditions or late leaf deposits require additional collection.

Zone 1

All streets south of Republic Avenue

Nov. 7 – Nov. 18

Zone 2

Between Republic Avenue and Crawford Street

Nov. 21 – Dec. 2

Zone 3

Between Crawford Street and Iron Avenue

Dec. 5 – Dec. 16

Zone 4

All streets north of Iron Avenue

Dec. 19 – Dec. 30